Where to Store a Vacuum Cleaner? A Comprehensive Guide

One of the things that homeowners sometimes overlook when they buy a vacuum cleaner is where they’re going to store it. This can be a problem especially if you don’t have a lot of space at home.

Knowing where to store a vacuum cleaner when it is not in use isn’t just a matter of keeping your space looking organized. It can also help extend the life of your cleaning tool.

Read on to find out what your options are when it comes to storing your vacuum cleaner properly. 

Storage Space for Your Vacuum Cleaner: Things to Consider

You can’t just stick your vacuum cleaner in a corner and call it a day. There are some things to put into consideration if you want to find the perfect place to hide it. Below are some factors to look into that can help you determine where best to keep your vacuum cleaner when it is not in use.

Where to Store a Vacuum Cleaner Based on Your Home Layout?

Do you live in a small apartment or a large house? If your answer is the latter, then you’d have an easier time finding a dedicated space where you can store your cleaning equipment. You may already have ample storage space in your broom closet for it.

You can even build a cabinet exclusively for all the cleaning tools you have. Or, if all the rooms are filled, you can try putting the equipment in your garage.

If you answered the former, then that means you have very limited storage options. If you don’t have extra closet space or even a tiny corner where you can stand your vacuum, one solution to explore is to install wall hangers. 

Installing wall-mounted storage for your cleaning equipment means you won’t take up a ton of floor space. You can also install a hanging organizer to store your vacuum cleaner accessories and cleaning supplies. If you decide to choose this option, make sure that the hanging system you choose is sturdy enough to hold up your vacuum cleaner.

If you’ve made the mistake of buying a large vacuum cleaner that cannot be supported by wall hangers, you should also look into utilizing any unused and often overlooked spaces in your home. Check underneath your staircase or on top of a cabinet. 

Frequency of Cleaning

Accessibility is one factor that you should always consider when planning out the perfect storage space for your tools, especially your cleaning equipment. The more accessible they are, the less likely that you’d skip cleaning around the house.

The harder it is for you to reach or get out, the likelier for you to put off vacuuming for another day, especially if it is something that you don’t enjoy doing.

You need to make sure that the vacuum cleaner is easy to take in and out of whatever storage space or solution you decide on. This is crucial if you clean several times a week. You can try fitting it in a broom closet or even place it under the sink.

Remember, the harder it is to take out or put back, the less likely you are going to use it, so don’t put it somewhere where you’d have to take out boxes and other things just to get to it.

Type of Flooring

This factor is related to the frequency of cleaning. If you have carpets all over your house, then you probably use your vacuum cleaner more often than if you had hard floors. If this is the case, accessibility is the most important factor to consider in finding the right space for your cleaning tool.  

Size and Type of Vacuum Cleaner

The size of your vacuum cleaner will be a huge factor in determining the right storage space or storage solution for it. Naturally, if you have a bulky vacuum cleaner, it will be harder to find space for it. Additionally, hanging wall organizers will not work if you have a large upright vacuum cleaner or industrial units

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Portable units like the robotic vacuum cleaner are the easiest to store. Those are small enough to be placed inside a drawer, stored in a small cabinet, or hung on the wall.

Handheld Vacuum and Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Cordless vacuums or stick vacuums are also easy to deal with since most come with charging ports. These can often be mounted on walls. Some stick vacuum cleaners even have charging ports that have hooks for the unit’s attachments.

You can stand a small basket beside the port to hold all of your other cleaning equipment and supplies.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Huge canister vacuums are harder to hide. You can store those in a closet, under certain furniture like your bed (if they are designed to lay flat), or in a corner. Hiding them in rooms that are less frequently used like the laundry room or a mudroom is also advisable.

Some cleaners also recommend putting them under the sink. If you choose to do this, make sure that the area stays dry.

You can save space by disassembling the unit after use so you can stow it. The problem with this is it adds a few steps to your task. If you vacuum quite often, assembling and disassembling the vacuum repeatedly can become tedious. It can even loosen joints and ultimately damage the tool.

Vacuum Cleaner Storage Ideas per Room

Storing a Vacuum Cleaner in a Closet

Now, let’s explore your storage options per room in the house. If you go over these ideas one by one, you might just find the right place to hide your vacuum cleaner.

In the Kitchen or Kitchen Pantry

Most kitchens nowadays have large cupboards. You can assign one section of your pantry as a dedicated storage space for your vacuum cleaner and your cleaning supplies. See if you can remove a shelf or move certain sections around (if you have modular cabinets) to fit your cleaning equipment. The broom cupboard in your kitchen is also an ideal spot. 

As mentioned, you can also stick your vacuum cleaner underneath the sink as long as that area remains dry. If you have your dining table pushed against the wall, you can also store things underneath it.

In the Bedroom

Probably the most popular hiding space for vacuum cleaners inside the bedroom is under the bed. If your cleaning equipment can be laid flat on its side, then that space is an excellent storage option.

If your bed is too low, then you might also consider putting it inside your clothes closet or letting it sit in a corner of the room. Most bedrooms have a space beside the nightstand.

If you dislike having things stored in the open, you can also explore the space on top of your closet. This will work if you have a stand-alone closet that doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling. Note that this can be a dangerous option since the vacuum cleaner can fall if not stored properly.

Under the Staircase and in the Hallway

The area under the staircase is often overlooked as storage space because it is so awkwardly shaped. Try creating a cleaning nook in that space. Consider putting in shelves for your other cleaning tools and supplies.

For hallway spaces, try to clear out a place in your hall linen closet. 

In the TV Room

Just like in the bedroom, the best way to hide your vacuum cleaner is to slide it underneath a large piece of furniture, In this room, that would be the couch. Sadly, most couches stand too close to the ground for large vacuum cleaners to fit underneath. However, if you have a space-saving unit, the space could be the perfect option.

Some homes also have ottomans and couches that double as storage solutions. The seats can be lifted to reveal storage space underneath. If you are looking to replace your old couch or center table, consider this solution.  

You can also choose to construct a window seat with storage space by an open window. This can hold your cleaning equipment and serve as extra seating options for the room.

In the Laundry Room

Storing a Vacuum Cleaner in a Laundry Room

Not very many residences have laundry rooms. If you live in one that does have this, consider yourself lucky because you have so many spaces to choose from. You can store the vacuum cleaner under your supplies closet. You can also let it stand beside your washing machine or dryer. 

In the Garage

If you don’t have space at all inside your home, then consider the places outside it. A garage is one option you can explore. You can install a storage rack to hold not just your cleaning equipment but also your other tools.

Make sure that the corner or wall space you designate for your cleaning tool has ample space. You need to be able to park your car without any of the doors getting blocked by your vacuum cleaner. You also don’t want to accidentally run over this tool. 


Having limited space should not force you to leave your vacuum cleaner out in the open. You just need to explore your space and find the best hiding place. Check unutilized storage options like under your furniture or beside large appliances. Look for storage solutions like hanging wall organizers or sofas with built-in storage.

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