Miele GN vs FJM AirClean 3D Efficiency Dust Bags: Main Differences

One of the things that make Miele canister vacuum cleaners exceptional are their dust bags. All canister vacuum cleaners from Miele accept either a FJM or a GN bag. But which one should you get for your machine? The following table gives you a quick comparison of Miele GN vs FJM AirClean 3D Efficiency Dust Bags.

Unlike conventional vacuum cleaner bags, the AirClean 3D Efficiency Dust Bags don’t rip easily, provide excellent filtration, and have large capacities.

They are the best dust bags to use with your Miele vacuum cleaner to ensure that it filters over 99.95% of the particles that the machine sucks in. These two types are very similar to each other, but they do have a couple of differences.

So, it is important to check which type your vacuum model is compatible with.

Miele GN vs FJM Dust Bags Comparison

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Miele GN vs FJM AirClean 3D Efficiency Dust Bags

The Miele GN AirClean dust bags are the ones that have the blue collar. These are compatible with the Miele S400, S600, S800, S2000 (S2), S5000 (S5), S8000 (S8), Classic C1, and the Complete C3 series. This type has a capacity of 4.5 liters.

The Miele FJM AirClean dust bags are equipped with the red self-sealing collar. These dust bags are compatible with the Miele Compact C1, Compact C2, S246-S256, S300, S700, S4000, and the S6000 models. The FJM type dust bag has a capacity of 3.5 liters.

As you can see in the above comparison table, the main difference between Miele GN vs FJM is their capacity. The GN dust bags holds more dust than the FJM dust bags. This makes sense because the former is designed to be compatible with larger canister vacuum cleaners.

Another difference between the two is the color of the self-sealing collar. Type GN dust bags have the blue collar while the FJM has the red collar. You will notice that the color of the collars matches the color of the dust bag holder inside your vacuum cleaner.

Well, the colored collars aren’t really a performance related difference to be honest. But this does make it easier for you to remember which type of bag goes with their vacuum cleaner model. But what to do if you still purchase a different bag for your Miele vacuum cleaner?

Can You Use the GN Dust Bag with a Vacuum that Takes an FJM Dust Bag?

Both the GN and the FJM are made of the high-quality randomly spun fiber material that gives them exceptional filtration capabilities. Both are manufactured with the 3D Efficiency design so that the bags are utilized to the fullest. The dimensions of the Miele GN and FJM dust bags are the same. Even their collars have the same shape and size (except for their colors).

This means that you can use either of the two types on your vacuum cleaner if you accidentally purchase the wrong type for your model.

However, it is still advisable to get the right dust bag for your vacuum cleaner model. The bigger canister vacuums go with the GN bags because it has a larger capacity. If you use an FJM dust bag with the larger vacuum cleaner, it will fill up faster, requiring you to replace the bag more often.

If you fail to do so, the motor of your vacuum cleaner will have a hard time maintaining the proper airflow rate. This undue stress on the motor can result to it breaking down faster. Although this is a long-shot, why would you want to take a risk with a costly piece of appliance?

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