How to Clean a Miele Vacuum Cleaner? A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

If you own a Miele vacuum cleaner, there is no doubt that it has been great for picking up dirt and other debris in your home. However, if the suction power of your vacuum starts to fade or not live up to what it used to be then this could mean that it needs some cleaning too. If you are wondering how to clean a Miele vacuum cleaner, the following steps will guide you through it.

There are three steps to cleaning any Miele vacuum cleaner. First, you need to clean the interior. That means to replace the vacuum bag or empty the dirt canister. Next, replace or clean the filters. Finally, wipe down the vacuum’s exterior.

Now, the canister is not the only part of the vacuum cleaner that you want to clean to ensure its proper functioning. You also need to check and maintain the hose and various attachments. Read on to learn more about the steps on how to clean a Miele vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning a Miele Vacuum: What to Consider?

Cleaning a bagged Miele vacuum is very easy. You just need to replace all the used filter bag and filters with new ones, and then clean the machine’s interior and exterior.

Cleaning a bagless Miele vacuum cleaner like the Blizzard CX1 series is easy. You need to clean the dirt container and the filters. There is no need to replace the filters. Don’t forget to clean the machine’s interior and exterior.

Just like with the bagless canister vacuum cleaners, there is no need to replace the vacuum bag in the Miele Cordless vacuums (HX1 series). All you need to do is to empty the dirt container of the stick vacuum. Its filters do not need replacing but requires some thorough cleaning from time to time. The exterior of the unit should also be clean every time you use it.

Cleaning Interior of Your Miele Vacuum Cleaner

These are easy to follow steps for cleaning the inside of your Miele vacuum cleaner. Performing these maintenance steps will ensure that no dust gets into the motor of your vacuum cleaner.

How to Clean a Bagged Miele Canister Vacuum?

To give your bagged Miele vacuum cleaner a good clean, you start by removing the full filter bag. Here is a detailed article on replacing Miele vacuum cleaner bags. These disposable bags are meant to last for about two months or so depending on how soiled your floors get and how fine the dust is in your space.

However, it is better to rely on your canister’s airflow indicator. If the indicator shows red, then it is time to replace the vacuum bag.

After removing the full filter bag, wipe away any dust particles inside the canister using a damp cloth. Make sure that the interior is dry. It would be easier to replace the pre-motor filter at this point. After doing that, insert a new genuine Miele filter bag into the bag holder.

Make sure that you replace the exhaust port filter as well before closing the canister. Before closing the lid, check if the vacuum bag is inserted snugly into the bag collar and that the collar is in a neutral position.

Push the lid towards the canister and press on it until it latches onto the body.

How to Clean Miele Vacuum Bags?

You don’t need to clean the Miele vacuum bags. The vacuum bag and filters should ensure that the canister stay as dirt-free as possible. You only need to replace the vacuum bag once it has been filled up.

How to Clean a Bagless Miele Canister Vacuum?

Detach the dirt bin from the canister by pulling up the handle. The machine’s filter can be found inside the canister. If you feel like the filter needs cleaning, you can press the Comfort Clean button on the canister.

These vacuum cleaners also have sensors to check if the filter is still functioning efficiently. If not, the machine will automatically start the cleaning process.

You can also wash the filter for a more thorough clean. Simply detach the filter’s housing by pulling on its handle. There is a small, square opening on this black container. Pour water through that opening, give it a shake, and then drain it.

This will prevent fine dust from flying out of the container when you open the top. Take out the pleated filter and hold it under running water until all the debris has been removed. Dry the filter completely before putting it back in its holder.

As for the clear dirt container, you will notice that there is a max line indicated there. Make sure that you empty the bin before the dirt and debris go over that level. Hold this container over your trash can. It is advisable to do this outside to avoid dirt getting scattered inside your house.

Press the orange lever at the side. The bottom lid will swing open, and the dirt will automatically fall out of the container.

For a more thorough clean, remove all the filters attached to the bin and wash those under running water. Let these parts dry for about 24 hours before putting them back together and popping the bin back into the canister.

How to Clean a Cordless Miele Stick Vacuum?

The first thing to do in cleaning a Miele cordless stick vacuum is to empty the dust container. The lid of the container shows an arrow indicating how to turn it. You should be able to remove the container after turning it.

Bring the container outside or hold it over a trash can. Turn the lid according to the direction indicated by the arrow on it. This will open the bottom of the container, allowing the debris to fall out. Turn the lid the opposite way to close it then slide the dirt container back onto the stick vacuum.

For a deeper clean, when you open the dust container, pullout the fine dust filter. Dislodge the dirt by knocking its edge against the side of your trash can. Return the filter to the dirt container afterwards. Do not wash this filter.

Cleaning Exterior (Body) of Miele Vacuums

To remove the dust and dirt on the outside of the Miele vacuum cleaners, just get a damp cloth and give the surface a quick wipe down. You can also use a little soap to remove any stubborn stains.

Get another cloth, a dry one this time, and wipe away any moisture on the canister.

Cleaning Miele Vacuum Attachments

The Miele vacuum cleaner attachments provide the machine the ability to clean not just your floors. They also enable you to remove dirt and debris from your mattress, curtains, furniture, and more.

Keeping these attachments and accessories clean will keep them functioning efficiently and prolong their longevity.

How to Clean a Miele Vacuum Head?

For non-electric Miele vacuum cleaner floorheads, a quick wash with water should be sufficient. If needed, you can also use a solution of soap and water to remove sticky residue. Rinse off the soap solution and make sure that the vacuum head it dry before using it again.

For electric-driven vacuum heads, a quick wipe down will do.

How to Clean a Miele Turbo Head?

The Miele Turbo Head can be cleaned by first removing the head from the vacuum cleaner. Then, separate each part of the attachment (the brush bar and roller) to clean them thoroughly before reassembling it all back together again.

Next, you need to remove any large debris that is stuck in between these parts using a flathead screwdriver. Reattach all the parts back together again.

How to Clean a Miele Vacuum Brush?

Miele brushes can be washed under running water if necessary. Hold it under the water and shake off any trapped debris. Make sure to let the brush dry properly before storing or using it again.

How to Clean the Miele Turbo Brush?

Disassemble the Turbo Brush according to the instructions on the manual. Be careful in handling the plastic clips that hold the parts together. Wipe the parts using a damp cloth. Dig out any caked in dirt using a safety pin or a pushed.

Detach the brush axle from its assembly and cut all the hairs that are wrapped around the brush unit. Re-assemble the parts afterwards.

How to Clean a Miele Vacuum Hose?

For non-electric Miele vacumm cleaner hoses, you can soak it in a solution of water and mild detergent. Rinse off the soap completely and hang it to dry before re-using.

As for electrical hoses, just give the exterior a good wipe down when it gets dirty.


Cleaning your Miele vacuum cleaner is important if you want to keep it functioning in the best condition. Whether you have a bagged, bagless, or cordless unit, the steps are fairly the same. Remove the debris by either replacing the filter bag or dumping out the contents of the dirt container.

Replace or wash the filters depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Then give the exterior a quick wipe down. Doing these simple steps will not just keep your vacuum cleaner fully functioning, it can also prolong the life of the unit.

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