Difference Between Miele Vacuum Bags – Easily Find the Right One for Your Machine

Miele vacuum cleaners are world-renowned for delivering innovative features that make cleaning efficient and hassle-free. One of those features that set this brand of vacuum cleaners apart is its use of vacuum bags. We will see the difference between Miele vacuum bags below.

While almost all canister and stick vacuum cleaners use bags, the Miele vacuum bag remains to be the best out there. There are several types of vacuum bags in the market, each designed to work with certain vacuum cleaner models. While two of them are interchangeable, it is still best to know the difference between Miele vacuum bags.

This guide will help you determine which dust bag to order for your Miele vacuum cleaner.

What are the Different Types of Miele Vacuum Bags?

Miele has 4 different types of dust bags that can be used with their vacuum cleaners. As mentioned above, two are interchangeable, while the rest are designed to work with specific models. The following table shows the difference between Miele vacuum bags briefly.

Table Showing Difference Between Miele Vacuum Bags

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  • Description
  • Brand/Store
  • Availability
  • User Rating
  • Review
  • Product Information
  • Bag Type
  • Brand
  • Color
  • Dimensions
  • Model
  • Weight
  • Features and Functions
  • Bag Full Indicator
  • Bag Volume
  • Lasts for
  • Made of
  • Suitable for
  • Works with

Miele AirClean 3D Efficiency Dust Bag Type FJM

The Miele Type FJM dust bag has a red collar. The color matches the red bag holder of the vacuum cleaners that uses it. The red color is a hygienic self-locking seal that seals in any dust or allergen, preventing them from getting blown out of the vacuum cleaner. This has a 3.5-liter capacity and should contain about a month’s worth of vacuum debris.

The Type FJM dust bag works with the Classic C1, Complete C1, Complete C2, and Complete C3. It is also compatible with the S227/ S240, S270/S280, S400, S2000, 55000, and 5800.

Miele AirClean 3D Efficiency Dust Bag Type GN

The Miele Type GN dust bag has a blue collar. If your vacuum cleaner has a blue–colored dust bag holder, it takes on this type. Just like the FJM, the Type GN dust bags feature a self-sealing Auto-lock to keep allergens and other tiny particles locked inside.

This bag is made of tear-resistant, randomly spun fiber material that latches onto dander, pollen, and dust. This bag has a 4.5-liter capacity and works with the bigger canister vacuum cleaner models such as the Compact C1, Compact C2, S246 to S256, S300, S700, S4000, and S6000.

Miele AirClean 3D Efficiency Dust Bag Type U

The Miele Type U dust bag has a green collar. Type U has the biggest capacity of all four types in this list. It can contain over 5 liters of particles that would otherwise be polluting your space. The Type U bag is compatible with the brand’s upright vacuum cleaners like the S7 and Dynamic U1 series.

Like its smaller counterparts, this dust bag has a 3D Efficiency design which lets the bag hold more debris than the other vacuum cleaner bags in the market. The design fills up all corners of the bag, letting you clean more before needing to replace it.

Miele AirClean 3D Efficiency Dust Bag Type KK

The Miele Type KK dust bag is the one with the yellow collar. Its collar has a slightly different design than the other three dust bags listed above. It is not compatible with the canister vacuum cleaners.

Among the four types of dust bags in this guide, the Type KK has the smallest capacity because it is designed to fit stick vacuum cleaners. It can only contain less than 2.5 liters of debris. It is made from the same tear-resistant fiber that is capable of trapping 99.9% of the particles that enter the bag. The Miele Type KK is created for use with the Miele S142 – S168, S194, and all the models of the Swing Series.

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