Can You Wash Vacuum Cleaner Bags?

Vacuum cleaner bags are essential to any vacuum cleaner. It is the bags that trap all the particles that the appliance sucks in. That is why it is important to replace it as soon as it is filled up so that your vacuum cleaner can function efficiently. However, replacing them every so often can become expensive. But can you wash vacuum cleaner bags? Wouldn’t it be better if you could wash and reuse these bags? Won’t it save money in the process as well?

Whether or not you can wash your vacuum bags will depend on the type of bags that your vacuum cleaner uses. Most models nowadays work with single use vacuum cleaner bags. Once they are filled with debris, they cannot be used and must be thrown away. However, there are some vacuum cleaners that work with reusable bags. If you happen to have one of these models, you can wash the bags and reuse them more than once.

You can also find out how to effectively clean these bags below.

How Can You Wash Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Reuse Them?

A lot of the new vacuum cleaner models use filter bags that are designed for single use. This ensures the hygienic disposal of the particles that are trapped inside it. However, there are some brands and models that work with washable and reusable vacuum cleaner bags.

Check your vacuum cleaner’s manual to see if its bag can be reused and how can you wash vacuum cleaner bags for your unit. If it is reusable, chances are, it will be washable too. It is important to note that if the filter bag is meant for one time use, never attempt to wash, and reuse it.

Washing a Vacuum Cleaner Bag

To wash a reusable vacuum cleaner bag, you will first need to remove any hair or debris that might be stuck in the bag. Hold it over a plastic bag and empty its contents into the container. Avoid shaking the filter bag too much as this will launch the dust and other allergens back into the air.

Make a mixture of soap and water in a bucket. You can use hot water for this. You can also add bleach. Once you have mixed the water and soap, submerge the filter bag in the mixture then use your hands to make sure all sides are covered with liquid.

After the filter bag is completely soaked in the soapy mixture, leave it to sit in the bucket for about 30 minutes. This will cause any leftover debris to fall out. After that, you can simply pour away the dirty water.

Try not to scrub the filter bag too much to prevent damaging the material.

After 30 minutes of letting the bag sit, rinse it with clean water. Hang it on a line to dry. You can also place it on some newspapers. Once your vacuum cleaner bag is completely dry, reattach it to your vacuum cleaner so that you can get back to cleaning your home.

Can You Wash Vacuum Cleaner Bags in a Washing Machine?

The vacuum cleaner bags can also be washed in your washing machine with normal laundry detergent. However, you need to take certain precautions before starting this process.

For example, some manufacturers dissuade the use of bleach or fabric softener as it can affect the material. Make sure to read the instruction manual of your vacuum cleaner regarding washing the filter bag in a washing machine.

It is best to check the manufacturer’s manual first, but if that isn’t possible then it will be a good idea just to do a small test patch before putting your bag into the washing machine.

Why is it Not Ideal to Wash Your Vacuum’s Dust Bag Too Often?

While it is possible to clean a vacuum cleaner bag, you should not do this every time that the vacuum cleaner bags become dirty. Over time, the vacuum cleaner bag that is washed too often will wear out. You will have no choice but to replace them more frequently than necessary.

It is best just to let dust accumulate on the surface of the bag as this will not harm your vacuum cleaner and you can just replace the bag when it becomes too dirty to use.


In summary, you should never wash a vacuum cleaner bag every time that it gets dirty as over time this could damage the bag. When it pops, the dust inside it will spread inside the canister and possibly get into the motor. This can damage your vacuum cleaner.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on washing the filter bags especially if you are doing this in a washing machine. Make sure to dry the bag completely before using it again.

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