Can You Spray Perfume in a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

Great vacuum cleaners don’t just suck in harmful allergens, they also get rid of odor-causing particles in your home. They leave your home smelling cleaner than before. But what if you also want your home to smell better? Can you spray perfume in a bagless vacuum cleaner?  

Yes, it is possible to spray perfume in a bagless vacuum cleaner. Perfumes can add great aromas to your home. They can make your home smell clean and fresh. However, it’s important to remember that perfume is not a disinfectant or cleanser. It does not effectively get rid of harmful allergens from surfaces in the house. Additionally, not all perfumes can be used with your vacuum cleaner. This article will provide you with tips on how to safely use perfume in a bagless vacuum cleaner.

Benefits of Spraying Perfume in Your Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Perfumes are a great way to make your house smell clean and fresh instantly. If you want the scent of flowers or citrus fruits in your living room, for example, you could simply do it by spraying perfume inside the canister of your vacuum cleaner before starting it up.

You can even adjust the strength of the smell by controlling the quantity of scented material that you add to the canister. Just remember that making the air smell clean doesn’t mean the surfaces are clean or disinfected. You need to use more than a deodorizer to make the floor and air clean.

Spraying perfume will also keep your vacuum cleaner from smelling musty. However, it is important to note that covering up the musty smell that comes from your vacuum cleaner does not address the problem of mold or mildew. It is better to address this problem by replacing the filters and cleaning the interior of the vacuum cleaner.

How Can You Spray Perfume in a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The best way to add perfume into your vacuum cleaner is to use a small spray bottle and add the perfume into it before adding it into your vacuum cleaner. You can buy these bottles at any beauty supply store.

Make sure you purchase one with a fine misting option as well as an adjustable nozzle. This will provide you with more control of how much perfume solution comes out when sprayed onto surfaces or inside the canister.

To make the scent last longer, you can also spray the perfume onto something absorbent like a cotton ball or a square of linen cloth. Place this inside the canister and replenish it by spraying some perfume onto its surface whenever the smell starts to fade.

Can You Use Any Type of Perfume in Your Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

No. Many types of perfume are not suitable for use with a bagless vacuum cleaner because they contain alcohol or other ingredients that can damage the motor. Never spray any type of oil-based product into your machine as it will cause problems with its internal components, especially if you have an older model without a sealed system.

It is also important to not use any scented products like potpourri, oil diffusers, and essential oils as they may destroy the motor over time if used frequently.

Can You Put Perfume Inside a Dust Compartment?

No, it is best that you don’t add anything into the dust compartments of your vacuum cleaner. The dust compartment is not made from a material that can resist the chemicals of perfume and this may cause damage to its components over time.

The best way for you to add scent into your bagless vacuum cleaner is by using a small spray bottle filled with either water or alcohol, as described earlier. This will not damage the motor and is a safe way to add scents to your machine.


As discussed above, you can spray perfume in a bagless vacuum cleaner. You just need the use the right type of perfume and you must know how much to use so that your home smells clean and fresh instead of dirty or musty.

Spraying perfume into a bagless vacuum cleaner lets you control where the smell goes and how intense the aroma is. Choose a water-based perfume because oil-based ones can damage the motor of your vacuum cleaner over time.

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