Can You Recycle a Vacuum Cleaner? 3 Best Ways to Recycle It

It’s a good idea to recycle anything you can to do your part to protect the planet. So, whether you recently upgraded to the latest model of vacuum cleaner or your old one suddenly stopped working, you may be considering about recycling your old unit. But can you recycle a vacuum cleaner?

You can recycle an old vacuum cleaner because it is made of plastic and metal, and the parts can be melted down and repurposed. There are several ways to recycle your vacuum cleaner; you can take it to a recycling center, an electronics store, or a scrapyard.

When it comes to your old vacuum, you have several different options, including donating, recycling, and throwing it away. In the following paragraphs, we will see different options available to you for recycling a vacuum cleaner.

How to Recycle a Vacuum Cleaner?

When people want to recycle their vacuum cleaners, they often don’t know how to go about it. And how can you recycle a vacuum cleaner if you do not know what to do? If you place it out on the curb, it is likely to be picked up by the garbage truck. If it is small, you can just place it in your recycling bin. There are couple of other ways to do it as well.

Your vacuum cleaner is part of what is known as e-waste. This includes all discarded electronic items. There are so many of them being used today that it could be a large problem if everyone threw these items in the trash.

About 90% of your vacuum cleaner is recyclable, from the metal and plastic to the rubber in the cord.

When you throw vacuum cleaners away, they are crushed and then burned. This causes toxic fumes to be released because of the metal and plastic parts. Therefore, it is important to recycle your old non-functional vacuum.

Can You Recycle a Vacuum Cleaner That’s Still Working?

If your vacuum is still working, you can consider donating it. There are a lot of people who can’t afford a vacuum and they will appreciate the opportunity to get a used one for free or even for less money. You can take it to a donation center or place an ad online.

The way to recycle your vacuum is to put it out in your recycling bin or take it to a place that is set up to recycle it for you.

Where to Recycle a Vacuum Cleaner?

When you decide to recycle your vacuum cleaner, there are several different options. You can recycle it in the traditional sense of the word, or you can take it to someone who will do it for you. Any way that you dispose of your vacuum other than throwing it in the trash is a form of recycling it and always a better option.

Recycling Bin or Recycling Center

Some people have recycling bins that go out from their homes once a week. If your vacuum fits inside the bin, you can use it to recycle. Because so much of your vacuum can be reused, you can also take it to a recycling center. Some parts might be reused, but the plastic, metal, and rubber will likely be melted down so it can be repurposed.

It is important to call the recycling center before you go, to make sure that they take vacuum cleaners. Some smaller centers can’t take larger items. If you call beforehand, you will find one that will take it off your hands.

Electronics Stores

Another way to recycle your vacuum is to drop it off at an electronic store such as Best Buy. They take several different household items and appliances, including hair dryers, curling irons, fans, heart monitors, and vacuums.

Some electronics stores offer incentives for recycling your old vacuum, so be sure to call around if you are interested in this.

Scrap Yards

You will find scrap yards in many different towns and cities, and they take items to scrap the metal. If your vacuum has a decent amount of metal, you can take it to one and they may even pay you a few dollars. It will depend on the metals in your vacuum.

You should call ahead because some scrap yards only take the metal, and you will still need to recycle the rest of the vacuum parts. Others will take the whole thing. If they only take the metal parts, you will need to take it apart at home, which isn’t a complicated process.

Donate it

Technically, donating isn’t recycling, but if your vacuum still works, consider donating it to a charity so that someone who needs one can pick it up. Vacuums can be expensive and there are people who will be grateful to pick up a used model.

In Summary

Even though it can be somewhat challenging, you can recycle a vacuum cleaner and it is a good idea. If you have a recycling bin and your vacuum fits inside, you can leave it there. Otherwise, find a recycling center, a scrap yard, an electronics store, or a donation center. No matter what choice you make, your vacuum won’t end up in a landfill.

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