Can Vacuum Cleaner Be Used as Blower?

A vacuum cleaner is a versatile tool for any home. You might think of it as just a handy appliance for sucking up dust and debris off surfaces, but it has other uses as well. The question, ‘can vacuum cleaner be used as blower?’ is one of those versatility questions that always pops up.

The short answer is yes, you can use the vacuum cleaner as a blower if it has a blower feature. Most of the latest models of vacuums cleaners are powerful enough to blast away dirt from hardwood floors or decks without leaving behind marks. It can also clear your deck of fallen leaves. If you are thinking of using your vacuum cleaner as a blower, read on.

Advantages of Using a Vacuum Cleaner as a Blower

A vacuum cleaner can work great for cleaning your yard or driveway without having to purchase another appliance just for that purpose. Most of the newer models have a very strong motor that provides powerful blasts of air. This is good for unseating dirt and debris from cracks in the sidewalk or the floor of a garage.

If you’ve ever tried to deep clean your house, then you know that one of the most challenging parts about cleaning is getting all those dust bunnies out from deep inside corners. It’s near impossible to reach with an ordinary vacuum cleaner even with all the special attachments.

But blowers make it possible.

These tools help stir up particles stuck in unreachable areas where they usually stay put until someone prods them into motion by pushing on their surface or blowing air at it lightly. 

And of course, you can use the vacuum cleaner to blow the piles of fallen leaves and other debris into one giant pile which you can collect afterward. You can even blow the leaves into a garbage bag.

So, no more spending hours of using a rake or a broom to collect them in one place first!

How Can Vacuum Cleaner Be Used as Blower?

It is important to note that not every vacuum cleaner model can be used as a blower.

Most of the newer models can be switched from sucking to pushing air out in a compressed stream. They come with an integrated blower function together with the standard suction features.

To switch from one function to another, you just need to press a switch.

Some vacuum cleaners also come with a special nozzle to help you direct the blast of air. The nozzle works great for blowing debris like sawdust with pinpoint accuracy. The nozzle can also be used to blow away cobwebs and dust from corners that the standard head cannot reach.

Can You Still Use a Vacuum Cleaner as a Blower Even if it Doesn’t Have That Function?

If your vacuum cleaner model is the single function type, there is still a way to use it as a blower. The steps are easy for the canister vacuum cleaner models. 

  • First, you need to unplug the unit. Next, detach the hose that brings the dirt into the collection bag or bin. Then, bring your vacuum cleaner outside. Turn it on so it can blow out the remaining debris in its chamber. Once the vacuum cleaner is clean of any buildup, you can now use it as a blower.
  • Attach the flexible hose to the opening that is meant for the vacuum cleaner bag. You will have to secure this with duct tape to ensure that it is sealed properly.
  • Now, you can use the flexible hose to direct the air that is coming out of the vacuum cleaner. Just replace the nozzle back to its original place when you want to use the unit as a vacuum again.

Note that doing this can eventually damage the seals on your vacuum cleaner.

If you plan on using the unit as a blower often, it is best to buy a vacuum cleaner with a blower function.


Using your vacuum cleaner as a blower will allow you to do more cleaning tasks besides sucking up dust and debris. It can have real benefits, especially if you are cleaning away debris that cannot be reached by other means. 

It is best to use a vacuum cleaner unit that already has a blower function. However, there are steps that you can follow to turn your unit into a blower. Be sure to check the unit’s manual if this can be done safely to avoid damaging your vacuum cleaner.

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