Can a Vacuum Cleaner Explode?

Vacuum cleaners are generally quite safe appliance to use. They do not use fire and normally do not generate as much heat as other electronic appliances. But there are some reports online of accidents being caused by vacuum cleaners. But are these reports true, and can a vacuum cleaner explode while being used? Let’s find out.

Unfortunately, anything that uses electricity runs a risk of exploding. So yes, vacuum cleaners can explode. This occurs more commonly than you think, and the consequences can vary from minor (such as an injury) to life-threatening (such as loss of property). This article discusses the reasons that can cause a vacuum to explode and the precautionary measures you can take to avoid such explosions in vacuum cleaners.

How Can a Vacuum Cleaner Explode?

To understand the reasons why a vacuum cleaner can explode, you must first know how it works. In most cases, there are two main pieces to this appliance: the motor and the fan that sucks in air from its surroundings.

The motor usually has high voltage running through it which creates an electric charge. When metal objects inside of a vacuum cleaner get close enough, a spark is created and electricity flows through it. This charges the metal object until it becomes hot enough to start burning. If you have vacuumed up any sort of inflammable debris in the container while cleaning, it can burn and cause an explosion.

If there’s too much dust or dirt inside accumulated inside it, the motor can overheat and cause a fire to start. Overusing or nonstop use of the vacuum can also lead to its motor overheating.

A fire can also start if you use the vacuum cleaner to clean up volatile liquids such as gasoline or kerosene.

How to Prevent a Vacuum Cleaner from Exploding?

Keeping your vacuum clean is one of the best ways to prevent it from exploding. This means frequently emptying its dust compartment, making sure there are no clogs in the tubes, and checking for any damage (such as cracks) that could lead to explosions.

Replacing the filter on a regular basis will ensure that there is little to no flammable debris inside that can combust. Additionally, keeping your unit clean will ensure proper airflow inside the vacuum cleaner. This will prevent the motor from overheating in the first place.

Most new models also have an auto-shut off function when the unit becomes too hot. However, it is also a good idea to keep track of the unit as you use it. Stop for a few minutes when you notice that the vacuum cleaner is becoming too hot.

It is also important to avoid using the vacuum cleaner in sucking up ash and debris from your fireplace, especially if there is a chance that there are still live embers. Never use it for cleaning up flammable liquids.

Make sure to read the manual that comes with your vacuum cleaner to know what other things to avoid preventing it from exploding.

Can a Vacuum Cleaner Still Be Fixed After It Explodes?

Yes, most of the time, a vacuum cleaner can still be fixed even if it explodes. However, you will need to handle this process very carefully. If its still under warranty period and you have not done anything to void the warranty, you can get it fixed from the manufacturer.

Turn off your vacuum cleaner immediately after it explodes to prevent further damage. Safely put out the fire if there is any.

Do not attempt to fix the unit unless you are a certified technician. This is because any electrical components inside of the machine might have been damaged by the explosion and should only be handled by professionals who know what they are doing.


There are many different reasons why a vacuum cleaner might explode, including using it for too long or using it for cleaning volatile liquids. You can prevent explosions by keeping your machine clean and in good condition.

If your appliance does explode, you can have it professionally repaired if any electrical components inside of the device were damaged during the explosion. Just make sure to follow the instructions on its manual to avoid damaging it further.

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