Can a Mouse Crawl into a Vacuum Cleaner Bag?

If you have ever emptied a vacuum cleaner bag before, then you know that you can find all sorts of things inside it. And while the usuals are dust, fur, and food debris, in some extreme situations, you might even find a mouse inside the vacuum cleaner bag. Yes, you read that right!

But can a mouse crawl into a vacuum cleaner bag? Is there enough space for the mouse to get in there?

Yes. A mouse can easily crawl into a vacuum cleaner bag. They love tight dark places, especially if food can be found there. These rodents are flexible and can squeeze through a hole as small as the diameter of a dime (approx. 18 mm). Since the intake holes on the vacuum accessories and suction hose are larger than that, a mouse can easily climb through them and crawl all the way to the bag in search of food.

Creatures like dust mites, ants, and spiders get sucked into the vacuum bag while cleaning all the time. So, if your vacuum cleaner is squeaking, shake it a little and check for any chewing or rustling sounds before you take it to a service center. If you do hear something, then you probably have a rodent living in the bag.

How Can a Mouse Crawl into a Vacuum Cleaner Bag?

The conventional vacuum cleaner has an opening called the intake port. This is the part from where the dust and dirt get sucked in when the vacuum cleaner is switched on. Past the intake port are the fan and electric motor and then the vacuum cleaner bag.

When you switch off the vacuum after cleaning and store it aside, it becomes a target for a mouse to investigate. Particularly if you have vacuumed a good amount of food debris.

There is enough space in the intake port for a small rodent to enter. Even with fan blades in the way, the gap between the vacuum’s wall and the blades is sufficient for a determined mouse to go through.

Once it has crawled past that, it would just need to squeeze through a small flap to get to the vacuum bag.

What Problems Can Occur if a Mouse Crawls into a Vacuum Bag?

The most immediate problem is that the trapped mouse will try to get out of the bag. Most vacuum bags are made of porous materials like cloth or paper. So, it is not going to take long for a mouse to chew through that. If this happens, you will have to replace the bag.

The next problem can occur when the mouse chews its way out of the bag and enters the compartment. It can start nibbling on the various parts and wires inside the vacuum cleaner and destroy your cleaning tool.

Not everything inside your vacuum cleaner can be repaired or replaced. If the mouse chews on something irreplaceable, you might end up having to replace the vacuum cleaner altogether.

Finally, and probably the least desirable problem can happen if you use the vacuum without knowing that a mouse is trapped in the bag. It could try to escape through the intake port and get crushed by the rotating fan blades. If this happens, you will need to open your vacuum to clean the mess.

And if this is not something that you could do yourself, you will need to bring it to a service center which will cost you.

How to Prevent a Mouse from Crawling into a Vacuum Bag?

Cleaning mouse splatter is not something that you would want to do! So, it is best to follow certain steps to prevent a mouse, or any other creatures, from crawling into your vacuum bag. 

Tip 1:

The first tip is to avoid vacuuming kitchen spills. Some food debris can be vacuumed safely. These are mostly dry ones like breadcrumbs or spilled cereals. If you do use your vacuum to suck up any food items, empty the bag as soon as you are done. 

Tip 2:

Wet food should not be vacuumed at all unless you are using a model specifically designed for that. Baked beans, soup, and other moist food products will cling to the bag. Additionally, these can clog your intake port, stick to the fan, and damage the motor.

Food products, especially moist ones, can and will attract bugs and pests, and would make your vacuum cleaner a target for rodents. 

Tip 3:

Another trick is to cover the intake port if you store your vacuum in a dark place. You can use a plastic bag or any thick material to block the path of pests into the vacuum cleaner and keep any creepy crawler out of your vacuum cleaner bag.

Final Thoughts

Mice will crawl through anything especially if they know that there is food on the other end. They are wily creatures that can squeeze through ridiculously small spaces. But people often think “How can a mouse crawl into a vacuum cleaner bag?” and do not take the necessary precautions.

If you want to keep your vacuum bag mice-free, avoid vacuuming food debris and cover the intake port when you store it in a dark place. That way, you can keep your vacuum cleaner and bag free from pests and in great working order for a long time.

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